[OSM-dev] Drawing ways with beziercurves rather than linesegments

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Jan 25 21:13:45 GMT 2007


> So basically your argument is that putting your hands over your eyes and
> yelling "blah blah blah blah" at the top of your voice is going to make
> the evil monsters go away?

That would be my approach as well. Or maybe even doing less than that, 
just ignore the fact that there is something like patents at all. By the 
time patents can potentially become a problem for us, we'll either have 
big sponsors to send in a battallion of lawyers on our behalf, or we'll 
go underground, finding someone to host our data in a country where the 
problem doesn't exist.

I don't think that what we are building can be taken away by anyone, ever.

I'm all for playing by the rules as long as it's feasible. In the case 
of patents, it isn't, so I'll ignore the problem.


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