[OSM-dev] Problems after losing inet connection while uploading changes with JOSM

Robert Hart Robert.Hart at BuroHappold.com
Fri Mar 9 14:02:04 GMT 2007

> JOSM had a huge list of additions/changes after working for a couple
> hours on a residential area. While uploading these changes my wireless
> USB stick decided to call it a day which resulted in JOSM dropping the
> connection in the middle of the upload. After fixing the wireless
> connection I issued the upload command in JOSM again, but JOSM had
> already cleared my change list.

This does not reflect my experience. I often find connections time out
partway through an upload when the server is heavily loaded. Hitting
upload again shows a much reduced list of changes but never loses any
individual changes.

As I understand it, each changed node, segment and way, is uploaded in a
separate request. JOSM waits for each item to complete before it
continues. This is necessary as JOSM often needs to know the ID of newly
created nodes and segments, before it can upload segments and ways.

Transactions for uploads are very desirable though, but more because it
will facilitate review of changes in a wiki style.


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