[OSM-dev] Problems after losing inet connection while uploading changes with JOSM

Styno styno at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 9 14:27:07 GMT 2007

Robert Hart wrote:
>> JOSM had a huge list of additions/changes after working for a couple
> of
>> hours on a residential area. While uploading these changes my wireless
>> USB stick decided to call it a day which resulted in JOSM dropping the
>> connection in the middle of the upload. After fixing the wireless
>> connection I issued the upload command in JOSM again, but JOSM had
>> already cleared my change list.
> This does not reflect my experience. I often find connections time out
> partway through an upload when the server is heavily loaded. Hitting
> upload again shows a much reduced list of changes but never loses any
> individual changes.
> As I understand it, each changed node, segment and way, is uploaded in a
> separate request. JOSM waits for each item to complete before it
> continues. This is necessary as JOSM often needs to know the ID of newly
> created nodes and segments, before it can upload segments and ways.

That particular error where I lost my changes was different from the 
error that one would get when the connection times-out. To simulate the 
problem which I encountered, try removing the network cable from your 
computer while uploading. I'm pretty sure that will invoke the error I 
described earlier.

> Transactions for uploads are very desirable though, but more because it
> will facilitate review of changes in a wiki style.
> Rob

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