[OSM-dev] applet size on live

Dan Moore writetodan at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 15 14:31:35 GMT 2007

hi there,

is it me or did applet used to be bigger on live edit tab?  looking at page source, it looks like the applet's tag and it's div have different ideas about width/height and also the needed 'windowHeight' and 'windowWidth' parameters aren't being passed into applet...

would someone who knows javascript / editing of live site be willing to have a look at this?  i can provide some of my own test code that sets the applet size (relative to viewport size) on page load, but wasn't sure this would be compatible (it uses jquery) - it would also need fitting into current page to accept user, password tokens, lat, lon etc.

let me know if you can help - i'd be very grateful + good of the community etc. ;-)
cheers, dan.

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