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Ludwig M Brinckmann ludwigbrinckmann at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 09:30:12 GMT 2007

Perhaps you also want something that puts the stations in order along lines
-- maybe a ref to the next station up and down a particular line: that way
you could extract logical railway maps quite easily. (If you then also
insert travel times into it, you get a free routing planner...kind of)


On 3/16/07, David Earl <david at frankieandshadow.com> wrote:
> > Yuk! "Central and Northern Lines" is definitely not part of the stations
> > name. Perhaps tags like
> >
> > railway=station               <- leave this tag because it is true
> > railway_network=London Tube    <- use this tag to decide on logo
> > railway_line=Central;Northern
> >
> > We could then apply the "railway_network" and "railway_line" tags to any
> > database element that currently has a "railway" tag when we want to be
> > more specific.
> I think it would make it hard for renderers to know about every metro
> system
> in the world. Maybe you want to use the red circle with black line through
> for the London Underground, but if the desire is to distinguish metro
> stations from mainline stations, we'd also want a more general
>   raliway_station=metro
> or some such. (Even in the UK, consider Glasgow and Newcastle, and
> possibly
> others; worldwide the list is endless).
> David
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