[OSM-dev] Osmarender map beautifier question

Robert Hart Robert.Hart at BuroHappold.com
Wed Mar 21 12:17:38 GMT 2007

> (1) I was confused because there's the map beautifier script and the
> (presumably old?) lines2curves.pl. Should we get rid of one or at
> least put a README or comment somewhere, or do they both serve
> different purposes?

I have updated the comments to osm-svg-beautifier to indicate it's

osm-svg-beautifier.pl was my extension of lines2curves to also make some
attempt to sort out text placement issues. I checked it in because my
work e-mail blocks perl attachments (*sigh*). I planned to develop it
further, but Barry (and others) are working on a better framework for
this kind of manipulation. Osm-svg-beautifier cannot currently be used
with styles other than the default (and hence not with t at H) so should
not be merged with lines2curves for the time being.

> (3) I got about 270 messages telling me "so-and-so-street abbreviated
> to" (with nothing after the "to"). Something to worry about, or were
> these simply too short to have any letters?

Yes, these were removed because they couldn't be made to fit. This
probably means a very short way, or text that doesn't contain any of the
standard abbreviatable terms. These are:
		    "North", "N.",
		    "South", "S.",
		    "West", "W.",
		    "East", "E.",
		    "Saint", "St.",
		    "Street", "St.",
		    "Road", "Rd.",
		    "Avenue", "Ave.",
		    "Buildings", "Blds.",
		    "Place", "Pl.",
		    "Square", "Sq.",
		    "Great", "Gt.",
		    "Boulevard", "Bv.",
		    "Route", "Rt.",
		    "Passage", "Psg.",
		    "Motorway", "Mway.",
		    "Gardens", "Gdns."

These are obviously heavily biased towards my own mapping experience.
Suggestions welcome.


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