[OSM-dev] Tiles at home and the job queue

Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Sat Mar 24 16:18:56 GMT 2007

I'm beginning to learn Tiles at home.  I have the client software 
installed and it works fine (latest from SVN, Dublin with Frollo, 
running on Ubuntu Linux), but ojw hasn't yet had time to give me a 
password for uploading.

When I run tilesGen.pl without arguments, it says the server has 
nothing for me to render.  I know that I have edited the map at

And my edits are not yet visible in the current tile at

When I run "tilesGen.pl xy 2207 1250" the download and rendering 
goes fine and the result looks fine in /tmp/tiles_12_2207_1250.png

So all I'm waiting for is the password to upload the new tile.  
But in the mean time, it's a mystery how the server can say there 
was nothing to render.  When I look at 

it says "api_1.0|UNKNOWN|0|bytes|anonymous|0|1970-01-01T00:00:00".

This seems to be very wrong, since the tile does exist.  Or else 
everything "UNKNOWN" should be in the queue to be re-rendered.

When I query

it says "OK|2207|1250|1|RENDERING".  But it doesn't say who or 
when this task begun.  Does it refer to my own activities?  If so, 
is there a timeout before it goes back to "NOT_REQUESTED"?
Based on my own experience of how fast the rendering goes, a 
suitable timeout could be 10 minutes.

The documentation for Tiles at home is spread over very many wiki 
pages, often with remarks such as "This API is currently the new 
UNKNOWN value, which may cause problems for some clients" where I 
cannot easily conclude if "currently" is supposed to mean November 
2006 or March 2007.  In my experience, it is an advantage to be 
very specific about times and dates and never use relative phrases 
like "next February" or "currently".  Anyway, my "client" (Dublin) 
is newer than any such remark, so I should have no problem with 
the "UNKNOWN" value.  Except that I can't understand why this 
should be unknown.

  Lars Aronsson (lars at aronsson.se)
  Aronsson Datateknik - http://aronsson.se

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