[OSM-dev] Josm Plugin Mappaint Page

Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Wed May 2 00:18:45 BST 2007

Hi Damian,

> i have implemented some speedup into the mappaint plugin.
> Further on, it is on the way to support several styles, with
> different layout and icons.

as we are at it: was it possible to add dashed and dash-dotted lines? 
Those could be used for things like boundaries and several areas, 
reducing the danger that users accidentally connect streets to 
something like landuse=forest.

> IMHO it needs a page on some wiki, but where? Since its a josm Plugin
> it should be on the josm wiki, whom should i contact for an account?

As Fred pointed out, it would be cool to have more JOSM docs in the OSM 
wiki. We also have been discussing this on the Essen workshop.

Just my two cents,


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