[OSM-dev] OSM Photos

Lizard lizard at furcon.de
Fri May 4 22:44:15 BST 2007

i know that this is not just a picture-server-project.

thats the reason i talked about distributed storage. of cause you can
not host unlimited number of images. i can offer my own server for the
first step, but we need space and traffic donations of cause.
on the other hand, if we start it as an own project, it is yet another
development can be seperated from the project of cause, but the main
(inter)face should be integrated into osm, one application, one login
for editing, etc.. lets thing about usage, pahaps tagging image as
"helps for navigation" e.g. a big building, or tag "helps mapping", e.g.
street signs, or simply, tagging as "must see" :)

have fun
currently doing just stupid stuff :)

Andy Robinson wrote:
> I have tons of reference photos, all with their corresponding gps tracklog
> (and hence all can be location stamped easily) but having somewhere to store
> them other than on my own computer is the main issue. On the one hand having
> access to source information for OSM is very beneficial, however I'm
> guessing we simply don't have the storage and bandwidth to be shifting and
> storing a large amount of high resolution photographic data within OSM
> itself.
> A few are using free image sites like photobucket but that's not ideal
> either.
> Of course the perfect solution would be that all geotagged photos, wherever
> taken in the world and of whatever subject you can think of, are all
> accessible, searchable and filterable and overlain as a layer over an OSM
> map. That would be really cool and could grow into quite some site. But I
> don't think it should be a core activity for OSM itself. In my opinion it
> really needs to be a separate project.

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