[OSM-dev] Problem with new API and josm (Help is welcome)

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat May 5 21:26:42 BST 2007


> I'm not sure if this problem already existed with the old API. But I'll just 
> describe how i think you can reproduce it.

I'm beginning to doubt if anyone ready my e-mails at all ;-)

This mail was sent at 21:08 UK time, but at 20:57 UK time I sent you 
(Joerg) a message that I had a fix for the problem, and I had sent the 
same message to Jon and SteveC a minute before that. I thought you were 
all sitting in the same room ;-)

The patched JOSM version that I sent you a link for with that e-mail 
works perfectly with the example you sent.


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