[OSM-dev] New JOSM version for 0.4 API

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun May 6 00:19:19 BST 2007


> I notice that this new version will no longer load .osm files saved from
> the previous version. It complains:
> 	Error while parsing file.osm: Unknown version: 0.3

Yes, that's really a simple string comparison, it will only ever work 
with the version set in the preferences file (or the default if none has 
been set). If you change the preferences file to 0.3 you can still read 
the files but not access the API. (You could change the version number 
while running JOSM but that would be evil.)

> Do we want to enable loading of old OSM files or do we need to stop them
> being uploaded? 

There's no reason why one shouldn't load old files... maybe we should 
introduce a new config option that gives the list of allowable version 
numbers for reading (in addition to osm-server.version which would then 
always be used for writing)?

Existing files will be read if you change the version number to 0.4 

> The .OSM files from the 0.4 API include some attributes for user= and
> visible= which JOSM currently discards. 


> Steve mentioned that JOSM should
> probably be preserving these in the saved data. 

Makes sense, but I don't understand what "visible" is for. Will the API 
ever serve "invisible" records, and if so, how is JOSM expected to deal 
with them? If someone deletes an item and then saves the OSM file, 
should the deleted item be written as "invisible"? If an OSM file is 
saved from JOSM, what values should be used for the "user" field when 
changes have been made locally - the same that is also used for 
identifying oneself at the OSM server?

> I'm not sure it is
> appropriate to upload these tags though, any thoughts?

It is really the same as the last-modified timestamp isn't it? This is 
currently not uploaded I believe, but we should check.


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