[OSM-dev] Unwayed segments (was: Potlatch update)

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Wed May 9 18:30:51 BST 2007

Harry Wood sent this and asked me to relay it to the list:

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Hi Frederick.

I'm not properly registered on the mailing list, so I can't reply to 
all, but feel free to post this to everyone on my behalf if you like...

Of course with the GPS mapping workflow, you dont get segments unless 
you've been there, and so segments should immediately be turned into 
classified ways, but when working from Yahoo! Aerial Imagery, there's a 
very different mapping workflow:

The convention seems to be to create a lot of unwayed segments.(tracing 
over the aerial imagery in the Java Applet)  It's clear other users have 
been doing this, and I've followed their example for large areas of 
London's suburbs.

The next step (at least my way of doing it) is to printout an osmarender 
map of an area, which shows the unwayed segments (in very light grey) 
and then use this while walking around collecting the street names and 
other classification data. Easy!  Of course I need to keep a lookout for 
any extra segments which might need to be added, e.g. covered over 
tunnels/alleyways,  footpaths, or streets where trees have hidden a 
street from verticle view.

But the point is, there's lots of very valuable unwayed segments in 
London, and perhaps in other Yahoo! Aerial Imagery areas. These are 
created as the first step in mapping an area using the imagery,  ...and 
should not be deleted!

Harry Wood

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