[OSM-dev] Unwayed segments (was: Potlatch update)

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Thu May 10 09:48:19 BST 2007

Harry Wood wrote:

> Of course with the GPS mapping workflow, you dont get segments unless
> you've been there, and so segments should immediately be turned into
> classified ways, but when working from Yahoo! Aerial Imagery, there's a
> very different mapping workflow:
> The convention seems to be to create a lot of unwayed segments.(tracing
> over the aerial imagery in the Java Applet)  It's clear other users have
> been doing this, and I've followed their example for large areas of
> London's suburbs.

Which makes a lot of sense, because there's no point going through the  
extra effort to make ways in the applet when you can do it in half the  
time by using JOSM.

But if you use Potlatch to trace from the Yahoo imagery, you get the  
ways straight off (and can split/join them at ease), removing one of  
the use cases for unwayed segments moving forward. You can, of course,  
still continue the workflow in JOSM if you like.


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