[OSM-dev] Ask University for support?

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Tue May 15 08:17:43 BST 2007

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Matthew Newton wrote:
> I've got a UML virtual machine (same idea as Bytemark but more disk/ram)
> waiting for OSM here at the University of Leicester. People were talking
> about ideas for it a few weeks ago, but things have gone quiet now, apart
> from one suggestion from 80n.

Interesting. If this machine can't be a full tile server, we could e.g.
make it the general development maching and dedicate "dev" to just tile
serving. But this would be kind of waste, given your Internet connection.

Another approach I would imagine, would be to have your machine handle
all the distributing of tile requests and handling the uploads from t at g
clients. Then you would only have to push fresh tiles to the tile
serving machine. This would allow us to actually have a tile-*serving*
box and not one that is busy with hundred other things next to that.
Deelkar, Frederik Ramm, OJW, and others would be better of to comment on
the feasability and promise of that approach though.

> Squid proxy cache would be an easy possibility, although others have already
> done that. Maybe with it dangling off the Internet on a 1Gbps pipe makes it
> a good choice for that sort of thing, though.

My Squid proxy is a meager vserver with 5GB of disk cache donated to
OSM, sharing its network connection with 15 others. If you were willing
to run a squid proxy on a fast connection, I would happily retire my
proxy. So that would be an interesting approach for now.

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