[OSM-dev] Availability of slippy map during LinuxTag 2007

Schuyler Erle schuyler at nocat.net
Mon May 28 16:05:01 BST 2007

* On 28-May-2007 at  8:00AM PDT, Ralf Zimmermann said:
> I have two areas of concern:
> 1) When using the Mapnik layer a lot, we will get the tiles saying "Tile 
> download limit reached for your IP". That is not exactly what we want to 
> showcase.
> Can this limit be removed? At least for the duration of LinuxTag?

Would it help to use the http://labs.metacarta.com/osm/ demo at all?
It also might be a way to show people that OSM data is getting used in
different places...


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