[OSM-dev] Disappearing Roads

D Tucny d at tucny.com
Thu May 31 04:43:14 BST 2007

It looks to me like those bits might be under the water level, there seems
to be some bad flooding in that area according to mapnik... One section in
the 'to the west' area that seems to have not been rendered correctly does
have a duplicate node and some duplicate segments, I'm guessing these were
made by potlatch as there is no created_by tag on them... It seems to mostly
look right in the osmarender layer, except that maplint seems to not have
updated there for some time... Perhaps the mapnik import has had some
problems with the data that was here when it last ran...


On 31/05/07, Cory Lueninghoener <cluening at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hmm...  It looks like this is happening again, only in a different
> way:  now a few streets I edited in potlatch last night show up fine
> in both potlatch and josm, but have sections missing on the
> newly-rendered Mapnik map.  Have a look at way 4265058 located in the
> approximate bounding box defined by:
> 41.7748, -87.9966
> 41.7579, -87.9879
> The area in question is also visible at:
> http://www.informationfreeway.org/?lat=41.766326094672515&lon=-87.99386025930893&zoom=15&layers=0000F0B
> In the above view there are also a few streets to the west of that
> section that are missing pieces.
> On 5/21/07, Cory Lueninghoener <cluening at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Last night I was playing with potlatch on downtown Chicago (somewhere
> > around 41.8822, 87.6295), and when I was done I wanted to clean up a
> > few things in JOSM.  When I downloaded the area, I found that many of
> > the already-existing ways and segments (perhaps points too) in the
> > area had disappeared.  I tried the same with the josm-latest from last
> > night and saw the same thing.  Oddly, all of the parts still show up
> > in potlatch, and they still do this morning on a different computer
> > while JOSM still can't see them.  Is this another known problem
> > related to the 0.4 API upgrade, or is something more sinister going on
> > here?
> >
> > I'm relatively new to the OSM world, so I'm not quite smart enough to
> > track the problem down further at the moment, but I'll happily lend a
> > hand as needed to keep my hard work from disappearing.
> >
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