[OSM-dev] Navigation vs maps, connectivity, and OSM data

OJW streetmap at blibbleblobble.co.uk
Tue Oct 30 21:52:08 GMT 2007

On Tuesday 30 October 2007 21:20:58 Ben Supnik wrote:
> is it a goal of the OSM project to create a map that can be used for route 
> planning?

Some technical stuff on: 

OSM data has been collected with routing in mind for as long as I can 
remember.  e.g. road junctions should connect at a single numbered node, 
while bridges should never connect with the roads they go over unless you can 
drive from one to the other. 

More recently, people have been adding tags to say "one way", or "no HGVs" 
or "height-limit:3m" etc. -- e.g. look at the one-way systems on this week's 
featured image:


So are you trying to auto-generate road traffic for the simulated world?  
sounds interesting.

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