[OSM-dev] Navigation vs maps, connectivity, and OSM data

Robert Scott lists at humanleg.org.uk
Tue Oct 30 21:53:24 GMT 2007

On Tuesday 30 October 2007 21:20, Ben Supnik wrote:
> I work on the default scenery for X-Plane, a flight simulator.  We are a
> small commercial company with an active user base.  We use GIS data to
> build the default scenery, including TIGER and VMAP0 vector data to
> construct road grids.

I was hoping one of you guys would turn up some day.

> But today I finally got to looking at actual vectors in JOSM
> and found a lot of duplicate/overlapping segments - it looks like in
> some cases GIS data has been imported directly on top of hand-made
> mapping data, potentially without removing the underlying segments.

These are errors and not policy.

> (In other
> words, do the duplicate segments represent an editing job that needs to
> be done 


> or an acceptable set of map data ?


My mantra is, and I'm sure this sums up the attitude of many people here:

Topology, Topography, Presentation.

In order of importance. So a clean database is very important to most of us.

I say most because you are right in saying that there is no overarching 
authority or standard here. People just tend to self-organise when it comes 
to how people represent features in the database. It works surprisingly well 


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