[OSM-dev] Can't log into my own site

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Sun Sep 2 02:44:01 BST 2007

I have a local OSM-on-Rails install running, for development purposes.

I've never been able to log in "properly" to it. When I try and log  
in, the token never gets written to the database.

Previously, I could get around this by looking at the development  
log, and copying and pasting the token out of there directly into the  
database. A quick refresh, and I'd be logged in. But that doesn't  
work any more due to changes in the code, so I can't log in.

Any thoughts as to what I might be doing wrong? A complete-but- 
only-99%-tested Potlatch upgrade is waiting on it. :)

a bit bleary-eyed after shouting at Rails for three hours now

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