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>On 21/09/2007 13:51, Frederik Ramm wrote:
>> So if that data is to be believed, around 66 thousand kilometres of
>> roads have been added in the UK and Ireland during the last 6 months.
>> (Reality check, anyone - is that figure probable?)
>If anything it sounds a bit low to me. I estimate that I have personally
>added around 1,000 km of roads in the year I have been mapping, and
>that's by bike. People who've been mapping the larger scale road network
>by car must have travelled substantially longer distances, even though
>the time involved may be similar.
>I estimate Cambridge has about 600km of road for a population of
>110,000. So does 1km ~= 200 people in populated areas?

There are lost of statistics from individuals that would be useful to
compare. They are also very useful for estimating how long it would take to
map to a particular level in a given location around the globe.

>From my own experience I know that when I map urban areas systematically by
bike (that is from a clean empty space with no Yahoo imagery to a "complete"
map), I do so at a rate of 10km per hour with a further one hour needed for
editing for every hour on the bike. So that equates to a potential mapping
rate by bike of 5km per hour per person, or 40km / person / 8 hr day. Which
if I was cycling the whole of the 400,000km of UK roads would take me 10,000
person days (27 years without a holiday!). So you can see that it doesn't
take too many mappers doing a bit of mapping each day to realise a complete
map of a dense urban country in a year or two.



Andy Robinson
Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk

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