[OSM-dev] Planet dump updates to include relations as an extra file

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Apr 13 21:05:01 BST 2008


> | Given that #relations < #ways < #nodes, and you (generally) need to
> | know about all the relations before you process the ways, and you need
> | to know which ways you are interested in before deciding which nodes
> | to keep - would it not make sense to dump the relations into the file
> | first, followed by the ways, then the nodes last?


> The obvious solution to me would be to abandon the monolithic planet
> file altogether or at least provide separate files for nodes and
> ways,

Do we really need that? My take on this would be:

1. anyone who has not enough hard disk space for a decompressed planet
   shouldn't be working with it anyway;

2. once you have a decompressed planet, it is a matter of a few seeks
   and reads to find the byte offset in the file where ways and
   relations begin (binary search in text file).


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