[OSM-dev] [OT] any Internet Explorer script debugging experts here?

Jan Peter Stotz jpstotz at gmx.de
Fri Aug 29 14:48:45 BST 2008

Nick Whitelegg schrieb:

> Since FreemapClient.js is included, I would assume that there's some 
> underlying error in FreemapClient.js which is causing IE not to load the 
> class. However, that underlying error is not reported by IE. Helpful, not!
> So, other than some lengthy process of commenting out sections of 
> FreemapClient.js and gradually finding the source of the underlying error, 
> is there an efficient way of finding out what's going on?

When I open informationfreeway.org in IE7 I get an additional error 
about a problem on line 1098 - something about a missing identifier.
I am not an JavaScript expert but it looks like this error is the source 
and it is referring to FreemapClient.js (line 1098 - second last line):

My interpretation: After the last method there is a comma "},", 
therefore IE is awaiting another method, but then comes the end of class 
"};" and this totally confuses IE.


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