[OSM-dev] Icons for graveyards

Robert Funnell robert.funnell at mcgill.ca
Sat Aug 30 17:56:31 BST 2008

Alternatively the Christian crosses could perhaps be made bigger.

Presumably the Pastafarian version won't be used often; I would in 
fact suggest omitting it to avoid pointlessly upsetting someone.

I might also suggest using X's instead of crosses for Unknown.

How to handle mixed? non-denominational? military? communist?

- Robert

On Sat, 30 Aug 2008, Lauri Hahne wrote:

> I can currently see one problem. The buddhists, taoist, sikh, and some
> else to a lesser extent look much darker than some others such as
> christian and pastafarian. This could be overcome by adjusting the
> darker green colour in the dark ones to a lighter one. Another option
> would be to make the icons somehow lighter or make them tile less
> often.
> 2008/8/28 Patrick Kilian <osm at petschge.de>:
>> Hello,
>> Finally I was able to get a working mapnik installation. Using that I
>> found some bugs in the stylesheet. Those are fixed in the updated patch
>> which is attached to this mail.
>> Also attached are the osm file which I use for testing. The bounding box  to
>> render the file is ll = (9.833, 49.780, 9.846, 49.790). The resulting png is
>> too big for this list and can be seen at http://www.petschge.de/image.png
>> Patrick "Petschge" Kilian

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