[OSM-dev] How to stop "daviddean" to mess up icons?

Hugh Barnes list.osm at hughbris.com
Mon Dec 1 21:57:04 GMT 2008

On 06:04:19, Ulf Lamping did write:

> So the question: I've asked on this list daviddean a few weeks? ago to
> stop, but got no answer.
> As he messed up some more icons some days ago, I fear this will continue.
> So how can we stop daviddean to mess up the JOSM display?

He's spoken to me about doing this. It didn't seem particularly significant, so 
I said "that's nice" :~) I've contacted him directly. I suspect he is not 
subscribed to this list.

If you want to fork this thread into a discussion about the merits of 
transparent icons, please rename its subject line to make it less personal.


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