[OSM-dev] Icon transparency

Ulf Lamping ulf.lamping at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 2 01:15:37 GMT 2008

David Dean schrieb:
> Hi, David Dean here.
> I've subscribed to this list now :) .

Ah, conversation at last :-)

> Anyway, the classic.small icons are one of the icon sets that gosmore uses,
> and tend to look very messy with white squares around them.

And that's the (only) icon set JOSM uses,
and tend to look very messy in JOSM with transparent backgrounds around 
them ;-)

> I'll look into adding a border around some of the problem cases so they will
> display well on black backgrounds. I'll make a start on them today.
> Which icons in particular are causing the most problems?


but basically any icon in classic.small that you've changed and has a 
transparent background :-(

As I was the one creating most of the icons in that dir, you won't find 
much of the white background icons that would prefer a transparent 

> Sorry about the mixup.

Well, I was pretty sure that you're not intended to mess up stuff, but 
trying to help.

Anyway, may I ask you to revert the icon changes you've done over the 
past few weeks, so the JOSM display will show up again as I would expect 
it ?

Regards, ULFL

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