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D Tucny d at tucny.com
Mon Dec 15 09:15:34 GMT 2008

2008/12/15 Wolfgang W. Wasserburger <osm at wasserburger.at>

>  Hi all,
> I should do some large imports for Austria; the data has allready merged
> node ids and is organzied in osm-change files; imports are also discussed
> with the local community.
> Import sizes seem to be to large to use JOSM, so we have to do
> bulk_imports. Reading some Wiki pages I could not find out how to install
> the pearl script. Trying it on Win XP or Ubuntu I had no chance to get it
> running.
> Has omeone a 5 step tip how to get it running?
> It would help me a lot.
> best regards from Vienna, Austria (no kangaroos here ;-)
> Wolfgang

How far are you getting? The script itself doesn't need much installing,
but, there are a few dependencies... If you are missing any then when you
run the script like 'perl bulk_upload.pl' it should fail with an error
message telling you what is missing...

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