[OSM-dev] Osmarender not always showing latest data

Milenko milenko at king-nerd.com
Tue Dec 16 01:23:33 GMT 2008

> milenko at king-nerd.com wrote:
>> I haven't figured out how the server got out of sync with the main api 
>> yet.  My best guess is that I somehow missed part of a day or a few hours 
>> when I initially brought the server online.  If I remember correctly the 
>> timeframes are about the same.
> Okay, hopefully it was a once off.
>> The only issue I've had with --rci was during the api outtage last 
>> weekend.  The main server produced a 0-byte minute diff during the 
>> outtage and osmosis wouldn't scan past that file.  I had to apply the 
>> hourly diff and then go from there.
> Can you let me know if this happens again?  That seems odd.  I should 
> never create 0 byte diffs.  At a minimum they should be 110 bytes which is 
> an osmChange file containing no data.  I don't update the server timestamp 
> until a diff file is successfully generated and available.  That way 
> clients should never download an invalid file.  The only exception to this 
> is when utf-8 issues crop up in the main db and osmosis generates a dodgy 
> file on the server that can't be processed.

If it comes up again I'll let you know.  Like I said, it was during the 
outtage so maybe the db went down as osmosis was opening the file for 
writing or something like that.


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