[OSM-dev] TomTom map format

Matthias Rötsch osm at m.roetsch.dasevil.de
Wed Dec 31 11:55:43 GMT 2008

> >> But what is your motivation about this? Just to enlarge userbase (OSM)?
> > Dont we all wish OSM "run-everywhere" maps?
My personal motivation is just using OSM on my Christmas-present TomTom.
Quiet egoistic, but with just an abstract motivation I would not come

> My main motivation is still not to increase hardware sales on heavily 
> drm'ed packages just because users think it is great hardware. In that 
> case lets design great hardware ourselves that is more cheap and give 
> OSM free with it.
> > TomTom has done a great job in providing navigational software with 
> > an exceptionally good usability. The Hardware is robust and well thought
> > about. Its no wonder they are the most sold device in Germany.
imo we are not already in the position of ruling the market. So OSM has
to adopt first. It is like the slippy map and the garmin export: A way
to show the results of the effort of the community.

Related to the legal part: I think we should record everything
law-related of the reverse engineering. If it succeeds, it has a high
chance to end up in court. And I don't want to be broke just because the
origin of a certain firmware or map-file cannot be traced back.

> I'd be interested in bit hacking too - Have the findings been
> documented
> somewhere? Would a seperate list make sense?
A separate list about the TomTom case or about osm related bithacking in
general? When it is about a certain format, an svn-repo or wiki-pages
would be my choice.

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