[OSM-dev] Restrict key names on order to retain reusability of OSM

Stefan Keller sfkeller at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 10:52:38 GMT 2008

GML/XML is *not* the issue, you know that:
It's almost any application outside OSM database.
It's about reusability and consistency!

I love the approach of key-value pairs (and I like beers too... ;->).
I agree with Martijn that before all, spaces must be kept out.
I agree too with Frederik: Colons can be included as namespace delimiters.
Namespace, tags and keys reminds us, that OSM is a database and
*not* a Wiki on an island (whereas I'm loving Wikis used as they are)!

 So I'm sorry, guys, but I have to insist:
I propose distinctly to restrict key names (elemement, tag) to the set
'aAbBcCdDeEfFgGhHiIjJkKlLmMnNoOpPqQrRsStTuUvVwWxXyYzZ_', now
plus colon as namespace delimiter, allowed once and not at the beginning or
the end.

-- Stefan

BTW: Restrincting tags in del.icio.us to ASCII did not restrain the success
of social bookmarking in any way IMHO.

2008/2/12, Andy Robinson (blackadder) <blackadderajr at googlemail.com>:
> Stefan Keller wrote:
> >Sent: 12 February 2008 12:36 AM
> >To: dev at openstreetmap.org
> >Subject: [OSM-dev] Restrict key names on order to retain reusability of
> >
> >Hi all,
> >
> >I just have finished a converter of OSM xml format to GML and I BOLDLY
> >suggest to constrain the allowed characters of tags (= key-names) to the
> >following XML related set:
> >'aAbBcCdDeEfFgGhHiIjJkKlLmMnNoOpPqQrRsStTuUvVwWxXyYzZ_' in order to
> retain
> >reusability.
> No chance, GML is going to have to get with the times. OSM is of course an
> international open project so just about anything that gets thrown at it
> is
> acceptable. If you want something out of OSM the tools are going to have
> to
> be clever and work with whatever is there (or ignore it as you see fit.)
> Cheers
> Andy
> >
> >After having looked at more than 100 MB of data we found in key names
> >characters like space, slashes, colons and even more weird ones. I don't
> >think this will take too much of users freedom of choice...
> >
> >What do you think to agree on such a character list and subsequenctly to
> >build this into editors like JOSM on order to get clean key names from
> the
> >beginning?
> >
> >-- Stefan
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