[OSM-dev] Restrict key names on order to retain reusability of OSM

Marcus Wolschon marcus at wolschon.biz
Tue Feb 12 11:09:03 GMT 2008

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Stefan Keller schrieb:
| GML/XML is *not* the issue, you know that:
| It's almost any application outside OSM database.
| It's about reusability and consistency!

Dear Stefan,

I too strongly oppose to restrict the character-set.
If you want consistency, you need national characters.
Here UTF8 is the way to go.

The simple fact is, that there are things that are
to be in a map that only exist in certain regions
and that have names containing non-ascii-characters.
YOU need not use them but you have no authority to
decide for the the people in that part of the world
to not use them.

Every application working with the OSM-database uses
utf8 with no issues. That simply IS the default-character
- -set to use for XML-data and for a reason.
Most applications outside are converted to utf8 or
pass it along nicely.
Any application that only accepts us-characters is
plainly broken and unfit for international use. If you
want to use it anyway, you are free to convert it's
input- and output-data. (Something as ugly as the punnycode
used in dns will at least not destroy information you

| BTW: Restrincting tags in del.icio.us <http://del.icio.us> to ASCII did
| not restrain the success of social bookmarking in any way IMHO.

Well, it did. There are localized sites like that that allow
any utf8-characters and they are used.

Sorry pal but UTF8 is the right way to go and the very concept
of national character-sets is dying everywhere because it is
no longer fit for the multi-lingual world out there. This is a
map of the world to be used for many different purposes, not a
map of one country only.

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