[OSM-dev] Script for generating Trekbuddy atlases

Callum Noble callum at notthesame.co.uk
Tue Feb 12 21:47:20 GMT 2008


For those of you that use trekbuddy (http://www.trekbuddy.net/) on their 
phones for mapping or whatever I've put together a script for generating 
atlases with multiple zooms as layers in the maps.

My phone is pretty limited on memory so to reduce the number of tiles 
that will be loaded at the same time, all tiles from a particular zoom 
are stitched together and then split to 240x320 sized tiles.

I've tidied the code up a bit and put it up at:

example for Glasgow center - get zooms 11-16:

./makeAtlas.pl -mapname=glasgow-mapnik -bbox=-4.300,55.850,-4.200,55.875 
-z1 11 -z2 16

Hope this is of some use,

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