[OSM-dev] {To Shaun} Re: OSM Data Question from FireGirl

Joerg Ostertag (OSM Munich/Germany) openstreetmap at ostertag.name
Wed Feb 13 18:37:29 GMT 2008

On Mittwoch 13 Februar 2008, Milenko wrote:
> If you don't need current data, you can get weekly extracts of any of the
> 50 US states from http://planet.king-nerd.com/usa/  These are generated
> using the command-line tool Osmosis, which you can read about on the osm
> wiki.
> There's not yet an extract of the entire US, but there will be once the new
> planet is generated tomorrow.

Maybe someone could add this excerpt Server to the mapnik-osm-updater.sh. This 
way more people could easily add it regularly to there local database.


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