[OSM-dev] Spam from OSM server?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Feb 17 18:39:57 GMT 2008


> I look after talk, dev and talk-gb. I get tens of these per
> day.

As far as I understand, the problem is spam being sent with a
...-owner address in the envelope, so it gets forwarded by mailman.

I have achieved considerable spam reduction with the exim filter rule

if $h_received contains "streetmap.vm.bytemark.co.uk" and not $h_list-id contains "openstreetmap.org" then
   seen finish endif

(or replace "seen" by "save /my/spam/folder" or something else that
should happen with the e-mail).

This blocks everything coming from the osm server but not actually
posted to a list, including all the mailman "permission is needed for
blah blah" messages.

I guess it will also block messages sent through the web interface to
my screen name, so I'll have to put in an extra accept message that
would handle these.


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