[OSM-dev] [OSM-talk] Trouble in Rangoon

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Feb 29 10:32:49 GMT 2008


> I could organise it but I would need someone to oversee the project  
> from a technical perspective and help me set up a technical project  
> description for the funding organisation, NLNet.

I have followed your efforts to get funding from them and it's great  
that there is money available. However, as these things go, they have  
certain demands in return for their money, they want us to write down  
stuff we want to achieve, then write down how we achieved it, and  
follow some or other methodology. They want milestones, they want  
project plans, deadlines and so on. I really commend your work and I  
hope you don't take this personally but all this project plan and  
milestone and deadline business is not how *I* want to work on OSM. A  
big part of the fun, for me, is that I can choose what to work on  
without having to submit a plan beforehand, and I don't have to make  
promises to anybody, or actually write down how I intend to achieve  
the goals and so on (or IF I write something down then because I  
think it's necessary for others, and not for some guy who tracks  
where the money has been spent).

I'd rather pay for a flight and hotel myself, in cash, than accept  
funding from NLNet and with that (quote) "NLNet will require close  
monitoring, a transparent process, definition of milestones and  
progress reports throughout the year."

That's just my personal feeling and I'm sure others will view this  
differently, of course it is understandable on their part that they  
want to know where the money goes, and again, please don't feel  
offended but I don't want their money if this turns OSM into just  
another work assignement for me.


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