[OSM-dev] Smartphone based map editing

Jason Dent jason at streetsidesoftware.nl
Sun Mar 9 20:10:01 GMT 2008


I am currently developing an application that displays OSM maps on the
Windows Mobile based smartphones or pocketpcs.  I am looking into adding
editing support.  But I am not sure how much demand there is for it.

I currently use the maps from the tile server (or any image server like
Google, Microsoft, Yahoo) and display the GPS trace over the top.

One of the best things about having it all there on the phone, is that you
can see if the map is correct.  The first thing I plan on adding is for the
user to be able to create Points Of Interest, for example: bus stop, tram
stop, grocery store, etc.  From there I will move on to editing existing

Because the screen size is so small, I plan on limiting editing to only very
small areas, i.e. level 16 and higher.

Before I spend too much effort on this, I am curious about the level of
interest.  Since the prices for unlimited internet access on smartphones are
dropping, I think this might become a viable editing platform.


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