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Gregory nomoregrapes at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 11 10:32:19 GMT 2008

On 11/03/2008, Sebastian Spaeth <Sebastian at sspaeth.de> wrote:
> OK, here are the next steps for GSoC.
> - We need students who are willing to take up one of the projects listed
> on our wiki page (they can propose their own thing to us too, of
> course). Students who are interested should show their interest now.
> @all: If you know a promising student, let them know about OSM GSOC.
> I might be able to get my uni Computer Science department to pass on an
e-mail to all it's students.
I don't personally have the time, or programming skill, to do GSOC but my
work on OSM data and an upcoming June Mapping Party could make more interest
for people in Durham.

It might be worth people e-mailing their local uni CS department asking to
forward on a message. Even if you don't go to the uni but can get hold of a
head of department's e-mail address and have had some OSM activity in the
uni area.
Could a couple of paragraphs or so be written for this, that we can add to a
paragraph that's local specific?

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