[OSM-dev] Batch upload dilemma

Marcus Wolschon marcus at wolschon.biz
Tue Mar 18 08:05:31 GMT 2008

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Ciprian Talaba schrieb:
| Hi all,
| One fleet management company was kindly enough to give us right of usage
| to all their track logs, so now I am facing with the problem of using
| this HUGE track database (the history from 2007 to now is something like
| 40GB of data)....
| The idea now is to upload each file generated daily by a car separated
| using a script. I will create a different user for this so I can have my
| own tracks separately. Do you have any other idea?

Sounds good.
I suggest filtering the data to only include gps-fixes with hdop<1.5
so only reasonably accurate locations get added.

A tag "car truck" or "car delivery" could help, so when trying to use
the tracks for other purposed, we know that it was a heavy vehicle or
a delivery-vehicle stopping every few minutes. (That could actually be
very nice data to start my real-world-travel-times webservie with. :) )

Also please post the user-name, so we know what new tracks to look at
in order to generate roads.

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