[OSM-dev] The future of Potlatch

Dave Stubbs osm.list at randomjunk.co.uk
Fri May 2 17:01:21 BST 2008

> -- AS1 / AS3
> Dave - I think your definition of donkey balls might be different to
> mine. ;) Or rather, when you've been sucking horse balls for several
> years then donkey balls don't seem very different.
> Er, I should probably rephrase that.

Yeah, I don't think the relative merits of various equine testicles is
really where I want the conversation to go...

> To me (coming from a Perl script kiddie background, rather than
> Proper Programming In Java)

You'll be glad to know I have "opinions" on Perl as well :-). I was
once told that it's possible to write a program to generate haikus in
perl, where the program itself is in fact a haiku. I was told this as
if it was a good thing. To me it merely sounds evil. I found
programming actionscript almost as painful as using C again.


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