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Dirk-Lüder Kreie osm-list at deelkar.net
Mon May 5 14:34:06 BST 2008

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bvh schrieb:

> Honestly, if it wasn't for me raising all this ruckus, I seriously
> doubt we would see
> - discussion on the dev mailing list
> - you hastely fleshing out details of what was said on wiki
> - any serious thought at all about gracefull transitioning from
> one API to another (which btw is not only about developers,
> I know for a fact that I will have to mail at least 3 or 4 mappers
> to upgrade their editor)

I seriously doubt *that*. Sure it would have appeared sometime this
week, so not as early, but it would have appeared here early enough.

While I do know that some stuff seems to be decided behind closed doors
it is simply more efficient to get a few developers in one room for a
weekend, than discussing stuff for weeks on end on a mailing list.

(see, for example, the coastline stuff, that was basically decided on
the dev meet in Essen, between a few guys interested in the problem)

The important thing here is, that the documentation is always behind
current events, and if you happen to stumble upon such events you can't
see any documentation. I also think the combination of the now marked as
unrealistic release date and said lack of documentation made you
overreact a little.

I much rather think the discussion shows that everybody who was there at
the meet fully intended to document what they decided, but simply didn't
have the time yet to do so.

Besides that *every topic* I can see from casually reading the wiki page
has been circulated on the dev list for *months*. Besides the stuff on
*how* to achieve for example changesets, but that's only implementation.

Yes, I know that you, as an editor developer, are most interested in the
latter, but I am sure that the relevant pieces of information would have
been circulated here in time, (like, today or tomorrow) if you hadn't
complained so loudly, so this "ruckus" gained you like one or two days.

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