[OSM-dev] Newby question

Shaun McDonald shaun at shaunmcdonald.me.uk
Mon May 12 15:22:32 BST 2008

On 12 May 2008, at 15:13, Alex Wilson wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm new to this mailing list but have been following the good work  
> at OSM for a while and have been very heartened by the project's  
> growth. I have a simple question: I'm interested in the relative  
> runtime of the sub-components of the Osmarender-based tile  
> generation process. Specifically the relative time for running the  
> Osmarender code itself (the XSLT+Perl) versus rendering the  
> resultant svg as a tile? I am presuming the former is a small  
> proportion of the total runtime whilst the svg rendering dominates?
> If not, I was wondering if there's any interest in developing a  
> version of the code in a compiled language for efficiency reasons?

Take a look at mapnik. I think that it does what your looking for. The  
problems that I know of with Mapnik are that it can take a bit to  
setup, and you can't do incremental updates of the database that it  
works off (hence why there are only weekly updates to the map).


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