[OSM-dev] JOSM bug on tagging presets

Andy Robinson (blackadder-lists) ajrlists at googlemail.com
Tue May 13 10:26:14 BST 2008

Frederik et al,

I didn't do a trac ticket for this as I'm not entirely sure where the bug

It's regarding tagging presets. Since the last major changes that affected
the presets (month or two back) I've noted that if I want to enter an item
that I have entered in the last use of the preset then sometimes (but not
always) the item will not be written. My example is postal_codes. I put
partial codes on ways and for a given area the code will be the same each
time I tag a way, last night for instance I was adding B20 as I tagged each
way. The first instance of adding works fine, the second doesn't. If I tag
with just a "B" first and then reedit it to B20 afterwards then the second
time it works and will let me add B20 again, but then the third time not.
etc etc etc.
It doesn't affect combo list types, only text values that you type in

I don't know if this impacts the embedded presets or not. I generally only
use my own custom presets file.



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