[OSM-dev] [OSM-talk] JOSM WMS plugin, Y!, and firefox 3

Callum Noble callum at notthesame.co.uk
Tue May 20 13:18:41 BST 2008

> I wasn't really thinking of actually using Gecko to display the
> images to the user (which I assume is what you mean about the
> components not playing nice together) but rather just about
> creating a browser object thingy and then exacting the images
> from it (either from the DOM or by invoking the page dump
> technology).
> Those images would then be displayed as now.

I had a play at working at something to do this in the summer. (Since the
PAINT_FORCED_AFTER_ONLOAD wasn't supported on Firefox 2 on OS X)

It works by dumping the gecko canvas from the DOM to a png which is then
loaded by the YWMS plugin.

There is a patch for the plugin (which is far from working perfect)
And a .xpi for Firefox (works for me on ff2 but you have to click a button
to get the file to dump)


I was going to have a look at tidying all this up sometime but havn't had
time lately so here it is just now if anyone has suggestions.

~ Callum

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