[OSM-dev] OpenStreeetMap and X-Plane for collecting GIS data

Ben Supnik bsupnik at xsquawkbox.net
Thu Oct 30 15:32:59 GMT 2008

Hi Y'all,

Tom: fair enough, and for what we're doing so far, non-private tagging 
makes sense I think.  X-Plane's needs are very similar to what you would 
need if you wanted to make a pilot's sectional map.  (Perhaps proposed 
aviation-related features should keep aviation mapping in mind...)

The situation where I could imagine needing private tagging (or not) 
would be where an X-Plane user wants to tie some kind of X-Plane 
specific content to a generic world feature, e.g. make sure that this 
particular radio tower is rendered in X-Plane using a particular 3-d model.

In that case we would have at least two options:

1. Encode the X-Plane specific model info into an app-specific tag.  I 
have to agree with Tom that this isn't very good.

2. Maintain a side database that maps some kind of unique ID from OSM to 
the X-Plane specific additional data.

The danger with the second scheme is that the link might become broken, 
but then this could be detected programmatically.


Tom Hughes wrote:
> Raphael Studer wrote:
>> Hi Ben,
>>> Is there a standard for "private keys"?  Are private keys even allowed?
>>>  Basically I am wondering if we can have "X-Plane:<x-plane specific 
>>> data>"
>>> keyed onto point features, or whether we need to have our schema  be 
>>> fully
>>> merged with OSM.  (Not sure which ways is best, I just want to know 
>>> what my
>>> legal options are!)
>> Shure they are allowed.
> Allowed, yes. Encouraged? I'm not sure...
> The idea of end-user application specific data doesn't seem like a good 
> one to me - it could quickly explode to extreme levels of silliness if 
> every application that uses our data wants to put it's own custom tags 
> back on the data.
> Just define suitable generic tags and use those, rather than making 
> application specific things would be my advice.
> Tom

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