[OSM-dev] JOSM and API 0.6

marcus.wolschon at googlemail.com marcus.wolschon at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 2 07:13:21 BST 2009

On Wed, 1 Apr 2009 19:10:37 +0100, Shaun McDonald
<shaun at shaunmcdonald.me.uk> wrote:
>> So if someone downloads and starts using JOSM today, will it
>> automatically switch over next month when the API changes, or will
>> users need to fiddle their config?
> No.
> They currently need to fiddle with the config. I believe that on the  
> first day of the API being down JOSM will be updated to by default use  
> 0.6, at which point no more fiddling will be needed. I believe that  
> Merkaartor is the same, though the fiddling is a lot simpler.
> I'm happy to be corrected if I'm wrong.

Just don't forgat that users have lots of v0.5 -maps still lying on
their hard-disk at and after that date. So the default should also
set alternatice accepted versions.


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