[OSM-dev] User preference for editor

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Thu Apr 30 15:54:07 BST 2009

Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:

> IMHO it would be much nicer to choose everytime you click Edit for 2 reasons:
> - users tend to use both editors because some features are unique
> (like undelete in potlatch)
> - this might depend on from which machine you are clicking it (if
> you're in an internetcafe you usually won't be able to use JOSM)

Interesting point.

> you:
>> That's a really good idea. There's sometimes another button in   
>> there (if you've clicked 'edit' next to a GPX track), called   
>> 'Track', which converts the track into > a way - so I'm not sure   
>> whether there'll be enough space for it. If there is I'll add it   
>> soon; if not, I'll add it in Potlatch 2.0 which will have a   
>> different screen layout anyway.

Heh. I do have a lousy memory, don't I? :) Will look at it.


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