[OSM-dev] Mapnik Stylesheets

John Smith deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 25 09:55:50 GMT 2009

2009/12/24 Matthias Julius <lists at julius-net.net>:
> One problem with mapnik stylesheets is that they are a chore to work
> with.  Anyone up to implementing a (graphical) stylesheet generator?

There was a similar thread to this the other day, can't remember if
you commented on it or not, but I would love nothing more than a
GUI/web based style editor, maybe SQL back ended, so that people on
talk-au can play about with diff styles, and highway shields etc.

I've only made small modifications so far so I'm not entirely sure how
much of an undertaking this is likely to be, does anyone with any sort
of experience in this area have much in the way of thoughts on this?

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