[OSM-dev] Trapi myths and rumors

Blars Blarson openstreetmap-dev at scd.debian.net
Fri Feb 6 21:44:28 GMT 2009

Trapi can return node, way, relation, bbox, and tile.  The ways are
always returned with nodes ("full") and relations members are not
included.  Bbox and tile requests are refused when more than 1000
(configurable) stored tiles are included.  (Stored tiles are z11-z14
depending on node density.)  The node, way, and relation requests are
not done the same as the main api, but I think that could be cured
with some mod_rewrite magic.  The main api lacks the tile request.

Trapi always returns nodes, then ways, then relations.  But they are
not sorted.  (They are clumped by stored tile.)  It does stream the
data out.

The tag filtering can be turned off easily, but requres a database
rebuild.  User and timestamp would require some code changes.

Trapi takes about 16 gigabytes with a custom filesystem and the tag
filtering on.  I'm working on changes to make it smaller, that may
save a few gigabytes.

While it is currently optimized for tiles at home, other uses are

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