[OSM-dev] Participation in gsoc 2009

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Feb 11 22:35:24 GMT 2009


Mikel Maron wrote:
> At least 2 of the 4 Google Summer of Code students, Arindam and
> Subhodip were actually already active in OSM, and continue to be.
> Their contributions, the GPX upload plugin for JOSM and localisations
> of Rails, haven't been brought into trunk yet, and I'm not sure why

I did not want to create the impression that the students did something 
wrong; if it came across like that then I wish to apologize. I was a 
mentor with GSoc 2008 myself, and I think that "my" student - Mario who 
did the Osmarender front-end - did a very good job, but nevertheless his 
work did not resound with the project in the way I would have expected 
it to.

> I consider GSoC 2008 a succes, and totally think we should
> participate again. If anything, it raises awareness of OSM .. just
> look at the Google's open source donation to OSM funding drive last
> week. It's not too early now to start collecting on the wiki proposed
> projects, interested students and mentors.

I am hesistant to collect proposed projects. I'd rather see people 
propose their own idea and then follow it through than adopt someone 
else's! I'll make it a point, from now on, whenever someone says 
"wouldn't it be cool to have ...", to answer: "Why don't you make that 
idea into a SoC project for yourself?".


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