[OSM-dev] OGC standards / Sql Server 2008 / OSM... help?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Feb 19 00:39:22 GMT 2009


Dermot McNally wrote:
> JOSM is the tool I usually use, and the validator is indeed excellent
> at finding these cases (it's what I used to investigate this issue).
> However, Even though the outstanding errors are a lot milder than I
> had to fix in Ireland (where I had to reverse the directions of all
> island ways), there's an awful lot of coast around Australia and
> unless you can get an army of volunteers to carve it up I think you'll
> be working on it for quite some time.

The whole of the Australian coastline, in OSM XML, is roughly 110 MB. 
JOSM can open this file in one go - I hesitate to say "with ease", that 
would perhaps be too much on the marketing side ;) you will require a 
fast machine with 2GB+ of RAM and/or some patience but if the problems 
you see are of a kind that can be fixed by the Validator, then this 
might be the way to go.

You could attempt to get a current version of the coastline data through 
XAPI, or else grab a (very current) Aussie extract and run 
osm-excerpt-tags on it to reduce it to coastline only. (Opening the 
whole of Australia in JOSM would not work.)

Merkaartor is likely to be quicker with large files but I don't know if 
it has an error detection/fixing facility like the Validator plugin for 


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