[OSM-dev] new keepright.ipax.at bubble behaviour - please revert

Harald Kleiner e9625163 at gmx.at
Thu Feb 26 20:55:50 GMT 2009

Hi Eddy,

the problem with maps never calming down is not new to me. I've turned 
off auto-panning for now and think about a way to make this optional in 
the future.

> Also, what is the purpose of the option "keep error open"? As I
> understand it, there's no difference between that and simply pressing
> "cancel".
No, it's not: Cancel just closes the bubble whereas 'keep open' will 
reset the state back to open if it was not open before.

> Please revert this behaviour, is really hard to use keepright now.
> Other possible ways to fix (some maybe combined):
>  - use a smaller font for the radio buttons, thus decreasing the default
> bubble size
>  - remove the "keep error open" option
>  - hide the radio buttons hidden under an expandable area
>  - remove "Save" and all the radio buttons and add other 2 buttons:
> "false positive" and "fixed" - this way the bubble is not as high as
> before and there are less confusing items
>  - make the bubbles wider
I'll think about a three button solution!
Thanks for the hint!

Best regards,


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